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A simple game I created for GBJam #6.

Played using the arrow keys, WASD or a gamepad. Left Control is used as button 1 and Left Alt as button 2.

During the game, the objective is to clear the screen of blocks by bouncing the ball around using paddles. Pressing button 1 will cause the game to slow down for a while (4 uses). Pressing button 2 will stop time for a brief moment, but can only be done once and uses up all the slow downs.

Easy mode has no rotation and paddles opposite each other are moved in synchrony. Medium mode introduces block rotation and blocks only disappear if the ball is the same color as they are. Hard mode makes paddles opposite each other have inverted axis.

Sound effects created using ChipTone.

Font [.squarepusher.] by Derik Revenge.


Updated with version 1.1 - Fixed a collision issue when playing in Easy mode.


4TROID_win_v1_1.zip 14 MB

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